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The small farming community of Balaklava has become famous for its racecourse, hosting the biggest country race meet in South Australia.

Balaklava Racing Club founded in 1903, boasts the longest straight in SA and is situated less than one hour from Adelaide, holding 13 race meets throughout the year with the highlight being the Balaklava Cup LR, also known as the biggest party in South Australia, unrivalled for atmosphere and caters for a wide array of guests with not only racing but Fashions on the field, fine food, drinks, and entertainment.

Balaklava Cup has earned its place on the winners circle as the premier country race meet on the states racing calendar

Balaklava Racing Club Committee and Official

Doug Hall
(since June 2001)

Administration / Finance Officer
Helen May

Balaklava Racing Club Committee

Andrew Manuel

Deputy Chairman
David Perrins

Committee Members
Harold Lane, Ian Ravenscroft, Craig Wissell, Rick Day, Rob Cavalier, Les Pearson

Balaklava Racing Club Track

Balaklava Track